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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So Where Are We Headed to Next, Captain?

That's one thing nice about being on a ship....the thrill of going off to some mysterious land in search of adventure. Every ship has to have a Captain, and every good Captain, has to visualize where he is going.

(Let me first apologies for these first few O-File entries, since they are rather boring and trivial...but perhaps necessary...cause I kind of have to set the stage for where we are going....and why).

In recent years, the most powerful word for me has been the word, vision. A vision is more than just a goal. It's more than just going to a certain college or having a certain career. It stands for something bigger. A vision transcends time.... goes beyond your mortality. It changes the order of things (for good or bad) for the world and for many people.

...and that vision has slowly come to me during Map It! Okinawa's short tenure. In short, it's about presenting Okinawa in a way that goes far and beyond anything or anyone can image. To bring it all together in a way that makes sense, visually and harmonically. It is more than tourism, more than adventure,... more than just about the next magazine article. It's about showing respect and appreciation of a people and its culture, done in away that is thorough and complete. It is to bring you closer and to complete a part of you in your search of Okinawa.

Map It! Okinawa and the O-Files is not about me. It really never was, and I don't want it to be. The Vision is about bringing you and Okinawa closer together.

"So Where Are We Headed to Next, Captain?"

"Just follow the Vision son, it will take us there."

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